Combustion Analyzer XDI-CAx

Combustion Analysis

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  • Combustion Analyzer XDI-CAx

    Some of the signals that can be analyzed:

    • Peak Pressure and Angle of Peak Pressure
    • Knock Peak Pressure, Knock Index (based on Cyl. Pressure or based on Knock Sensor, or both)
    • IMEP, indicated Torque & Power per cylinder
    • CA50, Heat Release Rate, COV etc.
    • Actual Start of Injection (e.g. Current Probe on Injector)
    • Actual Ignition Timing (e.g. Current Probe on Coil Supply)
    • Intake / Exhaust Port Press. (e.g. Reversion, Scavenging)
    • Actual Fuel Pressure during Injection (Pulsations)