Engine Control Unit MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup

Engine Control Unit MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup

The MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup motorsport ECU enables you to optimize the software of Ex-Porsche GT3 Cup cars (996 GT3 Cup; 997 GT3 Cup) by getting full access to the ECU, allowing you to adapt it to any engine hardware changes. The software offers additional features and comes with a base calibration.

  • Free and full access to the ECU
  • No wiring changes necessary
  • Support for 3rd party displays via CAN
  • Plug and play with base “safe” calibration
  • Pre-configured workbases for free Bosch Motorsport calibration tools


Compatible Porsche type series:  996 GT3 Cup; 997 GT3 Cup
Engine layout:  Max. 6 cyl., 2 bank
Control strategy: Alpha/n
Lambda control: Dual
Speed limiter
Gear cut for sequential gear box
Map switch corresponds to 3 different target lambda and spark maps.
Fuel cut off
Sequential fuel injection
Asymmetric injection timing
Asymmetric ignition timing
Knock control: Inclusive
Traction control: Inclusive
Interface to Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 kit
Support of 60-2 and 36-2 ignition trigger wheels
Max. vibration: Vibration Profile 3 (see Appendix or www.bosch-motorsport.com)

Download Data Sheet For More Technical Specifications

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