PowerBox PBX 90

PowerBox PBX 90

The PowerBox is an intelligent control and distribution unit for the electric grid in a modern racing car which is seamlessly integrated into the Bosch Motorsport system architecture. It is capable to replace all conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifies wiring harnesses and provides diagnostic capabilities.

  • 120 A continuous current
  • 36 outputs
  • 80 A high side switches
  • Easy programming of complex functions
  • Software-tool integrated


Size 214 x 159 x 57.5 mm
Weight 830 g
Temp. range (at internal sensors) -20 to 85°C
Supply voltage range 5 to 20 V
Current consumption <1 A

Maximum recommended output current 120 A continuously >180 A peak current (2 s)

Ethernet 2
12 analogue inputs (16 bit resolution) switchable pull-up resistors
4 digital inputs switchable pull-up/pull-down resistors
4 high power channels up to 40 A (parallel up to 80 A)
4 high power channels up to 25 A
22 high power channels up to 15 A
6 multi purpose outputs up to 10 A (low side, high side, push-pull, PWM)
1 sensor supply 5 V with individual ground pin
Function development and calibration tool
Bosch Motorsport PBX Suite

Supporting Material

California Proposition 65

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