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about us

XDI’s roots are deeply in the Bosch Fuel System world. Starting at Bosch in Germany in August 2001, XDI’s founder Uwe Ostmann developed Diesel High Pressure Nozzles and early faced the challenges of tuning a common rail based high pressure fuel system.

After leading the Audi Le Mans LMP1 project for four years including fuel system and controls development and developing several key technologies at Bosch Motorsport in Germany, Uwe came to Bosch Motorsport USA in July 2012.

He took over the fuel system development of all OEM race projects based on GDI systems, including the Corvette C7.R, the Ford Daytona Prototype 3.5 EcoBoost and some others that cannot be mentioned in detail including some open wheel cars. He also developed advanced combustion analysis systems and custom fuel systems and controls for several research projects. All of the above purely with high pressure fuel systems up to 500bar / 7250psi.

In December 2014 Uwe quit Bosch Motorsport to become the first and only Bosch Motorsport Dealer and aftermarket supplier in the world with focus on high pressure GDI race projects. Since then XDI has worked on several race programs, on wheels and on water, endurance, drift and drag and again on smaller research programs.

After 2 years in business XDI released the first custom made high performance high pressure fuel pump XDI-HPFP35 for the 1st generation F150 3.5 EcoBoost GDI engine.

This pump delivers up to +30% fuel volume and +33% fuel pressure than the OEM fuel pump which for the first time allowed running straight E85 without any kind of supplemental fueling.

Now two years after that XDI has a portfolio of more than 30 variants of HPFPs for almost all GDI engines in the world market with the latest releases being the XDI-HPFP60 for Ford Raptor (+60% volume / +25% pressure), the XDI-HPFP45 for 2018 Ford Mustang / F150 (+45% volume / +25% pressure) and the XDI / Katech XFP3500 belt driven high pressure fuel pump for Chevy LT1/LT4 which pretty much doubles the flow capability of the DI high pressure pump system to allow for up to 2000HP from 3500psi fueling !

Biggest benefit of this kind of fueling is the much better vaporization of the fuel (down to 5micron droplet size) which leads to a much faster and cleaner burn and the better control and response of the combustion through injection directly into the combustion chamber (no wall wetting delays etc).

All these upgrades on the high pressure side most of the times require an upgraded low side as well. There are some things on the low side that you can do very well or awfully wrong in a direct injection environment. We want to offer complete plug and play kits that are individually refined to maximize overall system performance. Therefore we are now developing our own range of Low Side solutions now.

Located close to the Motor City Detroit in Wixom, Michigan, XDI operates out of its own 2,000 sq. ft. facility which houses all of the company’s functions including a custom developed high pressure fuel system lab, an engine dyno and an electronics lab.